Wheel Alignment

Wheel AlignmentIt is important for good road holding and prolonging tyre wear, but above all for safety reasons that your wheels are properly and professionally aligned.

Here at Francie Mc Quaid Tyres Ltd. customers can avail of the latest computer laser alignment technology.

This alignment procedure measures individual toe, set back, caster, camber, thrust line & steering wheel position. Live readings are taken by computer screen and print outs of before and after results are available for inspection and are kept on record.

While a 4 wheel alignment is advisable, we also facilitate a 2 wheel laser alignment which will correct the toe alignment only.

Call in and speak to our fully qualified alignment technicians.

Call 047 84488/84499 to book your 4 way wheel alignment.

4 way wheel alignment

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Please note

Following the removal & refitting of all road wheels, nuts should be retightened after 30 miles driving