Agri / Industrial Tyres

McQuaid Tyres will cater for all of your Agri / Industrial and Tractor tyre needs in the Monaghan area. 

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We carry a large range of Agricultural / Industrial and Tractor Tyres and will ensure that they are fitted in a speedy manner.  We carry all brands of Agricultural / Industrial Tyres but specialise in Continental, BKT, Agrimaxx, Advance, Power Max, Kenda Skidsteer.  It goes without saying that all of our tyres are supplied at very competitive prices.  Visit us to see just how competitive!

  • Large range of Agricultural / Industrial tyres in stock
  • All major Tractor Tyre brands available
  • Forklift and Industrial Tyres
  • Row crop Tyres and Wheels
  • Lawn and Grass Tyres
  • ATV Tyres
  • Vintage Tyres
  • Any type of rim made to order
  • Vlucanising repairs

We operate a full 24/7 breakdown service for all Tractor and Agricultural / Industrial Tyres in the Monaghan Area.

All Tractor Tyres can be fitted at your premises or at our garage located in Gortakeegan, Monaghan.

Contact Us or Call us on 047 84488 to get a quote.

Please note

Following the removal & refitting of all road wheels, nuts should be retightened after 30 miles driving