Driving Safely with Francie McQuaid Tyres

tyres2Did you know that it rains for an average of 187 days each year in Ireland?
That 25 per cent of all accidents resulting in personal injury occur on wet roads?
Or that accidents are twice as likely when it rains?

Tyres are your only point of contact with the road surface. You cannot neglect the condition of your tyres. If you do you could endanger not only yourself and your passengers, but also other road users. We recommend that you should check the condition of your Tyres regularly.  We take great care when selecting our tyres stocking only those that are specially designed to reduce the risk of aquaplaning and that they also provide optimal traction on wet roads.


1 in 8 cars on Irish roads have tyres below the legal tread limit.   What does this mean? These cars can take twice as long to stop as those on new tyres. The difference in stopping distance can be the difference between life and death. If your tyres are below the legal tread depth limit of 1.6mm, you present a danger to other road users and your car will fail the NCT.


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Roadworthiness check of e-mark tyres

Checking of e-marked tyres as part of the roadworthiness test is common through the EU. Since 1st April 2010, the NCT has included a check to ensure that tyres on cars are e-marked.  A similar check for e-marks on HGV tyres was introduced in March of this year.  This new test item was introduced because of the importance of the standard of tyres to vehicle and road safety.

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Please note

Following the removal & refitting of all road wheels, nuts should be retightened after 30 miles driving